Destiny/Biblionasium Case Study – Building a Community of Readers with Destiny and Biblionasium by Jennifer Lewis


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What kind of readers do we want our students to be?  Some colleagues and I were discussing this at our state library organization’s conference in June of 2016.  We all agreed that we want our students to be motived, social readers.  We want our kids to love reading and to share their reading lives with each other.  We want our teachers to be a part of this also.  We want to build a community of readers.

It was during this conference that I first heard news of the integration between Follett Destiny® and Biblionasium.  When I read the press release, I knew right away that Biblionasium would be the ideal tool to help create the community of readers that we had just been discussing.  My school started using Biblionasium last year, and it has quickly become an important part of our reading lives.

Read the full case study:

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