For Destiny Administrators: How to Manage Your Groups Through Biblionasium

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By default, student accounts and group assignments are synced over to Biblionasium from Destiny and must be managed from the Destiny Back Office. However, some schools may benefit from managing their groups from Biblionasium, such as middle schools with ELA teachers whose groups do not correspond with homerooms.

Please refer to this document if you would like to do the following in Biblionasium:

  • Add new group(s) that are not needed in Destiny (book clubs, special classes, etc.)
  • Add additional educators to any group
  • Move students between groups with ease (without needing to re-sync data)
  • Allow students to join a group using a unique group code

New accounts will still need to be synced over from Destiny; however, this will not affect any changes you have made to group assignments in Biblionasium while “manage groups through Biblionasium” is marked.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing your group management settings from Destiny to Biblionasium will not affect student data such as bookshelves, reviews, reading lists, and awards. User IDs and passwords must always be managed through Destiny. You can go back to managing groups through Destiny at any time, but any group assignments made in Biblionasium will be reset back to their original Destiny groups.

Adjusting Biblionasium Settings

In Biblionasium, go to Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.03.30. The first grouping you will see under Manage Your Account is Student Group Assignments. Click Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.23.48 to change your group management setting from Destiny to Biblionasium. When your group management setting has officially been changed, it will appear as shown below.

Screenshot 2018-07-18 14.46.56

When you go to Screenshot 2018-07-26 14.33.50, you should now have the option to Screenshot 2018-08-20 16.33.34.

You can also go to Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.40.37 and move students between groups using the drop-down menu. Students can be sorted by Last Name, First Name or Group.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 15.51.21

Editing Group Settings

You will notice two fields in each group. One is the group name and the other is the group’s unique code. The group name is editable, but the code is automatically generated by our system and cannot be changed.

Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.46.01

To change the group name, go to Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.53.00, edit the Group Name field and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 14.54.14.

Allowing Students to Join Groups

Once all teacher groups are created, you may elect to have each student join their teacher’s group directly.

You can use our For Students: How to Connect or Move to a Group handout to help students enter their codes to join their teacher’s class.

Steps for having students join a group directly:

1. Give your students the group code that appears at the top of the Group Home Page.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 14.37.01

2. Your students can add this code to their Student Accounts by logging in to their own accounts and going to their Settings > Group Code.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 14.44.09


3. As soon as the code has been added to their profiles, the students will appear in their teacher’s Group Roster and they can begin monitoring their activity.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 16.00.06

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