For Destiny Administrators: Initial Sync & Setup Procedure

Before initiating Biblionasium setup procedure in Destiny, please ensure that you have Destiny administrator rights. If you do not have administrator rights, please contact your district administrator or the previous administrator. Neither Biblionasium nor Destiny support have the ability to give you those credentials.

For questions about initial setup, sync and patron access levels, please call Destiny Support at 888.511.5114 + Option 3.

Initiating Biblionasium Integration

Step 1: Enable Biblionasium

In Destiny, click on Back Office > Site Configuration > Site Info. Confirm that “Use Biblionasium” is checked and that you as the library media specialist are selected as the “Supervisor”.

Do not click Synchronize until the following steps are completed.

Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.23.56.png

Note: If you do not see the Site Config / Site Info options in Destiny, contact your district administrator.

Step 2: Set up Destiny Homerooms

Your initial sync will assign all patrons and homerooms as they are set up in Destiny, so it is critical to ensure Patron Type and Access Level are assigned correctly and that each homeroom has one Supervisor assigned. If no Supervisor is assigned to a homeroom, the sync will not recognize it as a valid group.

Sync Readiness Checklist¹ (via Follett School Solutions):


1. Destiny homerooms are set up, up-to-date and assigned to patrons accordingly.

Please see Follett document Setting Up Biblionasium in Destiny Discover for more information on importing and updating patron records.

2. All homerooms have the appropriate homeroom supervisor assigned. To confirm, go to Back Office > Manage Homerooms, and then review the Supervisor column.

To designate a homeroom supervisor:

  • Go to Back Office > Manage Homerooms.
  • Click next to the homeroom.
  • To assign a supervisor, click Select.
  • Search for the patron to assign as Supervisor, and then click Select next to that person’s name.

  • Click Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.32.07.png.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for each homeroom.

3. All homeroom teachers have an email address in their patron record. To confirm, go to Back Office > Manage Homerooms, and then review the Email column to make sure at least one is listed.

4. All homeroom teachers have a homeroom assigned in their patron record.

5. Each student is assigned to the appropriate homeroom in their patron record.

Step 3: Initiate Synchronization

Go to Back Office > Site Configuration > Site Info and click Synchronize to synchronize Destiny patron records with Biblionasium.

Note: You can elect to have the synchronization run automatically every 7 days.

Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.23.56

Accessing Biblionasium

There are two ways you can log in to Biblionasium.

Option 1 – Log in from Biblionasium Home Page

Go to Biblionasium and hover over Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.02.18.png . A pop-up will appear. Select Continue with Destiny Login.

Screenshot (2).png

You will be taken to the Destiny login screen. Select your school and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.18.01.png . Enter your Destiny username and password and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.16.51.png.

Once you have logged in with your Destiny credentials, the Biblionasium welcome page will load.

Option 2 – Log in from Destiny Catalog

Go to Follett’s school selection page, select your school and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.24.37.png .

Click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.25.34.png in the top right corner. Enter your Destiny username and password and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.16.51.png.

Go to the top left corner and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.26.59.png. Select Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.28.15.png in the resulting menu. You will be taken to the Biblionasium welcome page.

Managing Groups

Check to Ensure Groups Appear as Expected

Once in Biblionasium, go to Screenshot 2018-10-10 10.34.49.png and review your group assignments. All groups should reflect the homeroom assignments and permissions you designated in Destiny.

If anything is incorrect, visit your Destiny Back Office and address any errors present. You will then need to re-sync your data. You can force an immediate sync by going to your Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.48.05.png in Biblionasium. Click the checkbox next to “Schedule the next sync to run immediately.”

Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.11.35.png

Don’t forget to scroll down and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.13.21.png to save the change.

Then go back into Destiny, go to Back Office > Site Configuration > Site Info and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.17.34.png.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to accounts or groups must be made in the Destiny Back Office while managing Biblionasium accounts through Destiny. Some schools may benefit from managing groups through Biblionasium if they require more freedom to change group assignments or assign students to ELA teachers in lieu of homerooms. Please see For Destiny Administrators: How to Manage Your Groups Through Biblionasium for more information.

Still have questions? Email us.

Print as PDF

¹ – Setting Up Biblionasium in Destiny Discover, © 2017 Follett School Solutions, Inc.

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