For Students: How to Add Friends

NOTE: The “add a friend” option is only available to users of the free site due to privacy concerns.

If your child wants to see reading activity from another child outside their own group, they can add that user as a “friend.”

To add a friend:

  1. Go to on the left side panel.
  2. Go to the tab and click
  3. You can find your child’s friend by searching for their username or by sending them an email.

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2 thoughts on “For Students: How to Add Friends”

  1. Will the person you that ask to be their friend get a message that will ask them to except the reply, or do they just become your friend?

    1. Hello there,

      When you send a friend request, an email is sent to the other student’s parent. Their parent will need to accept the request and create an account if they do not have one already.

      We hope this answers your question.

      Warm Regards,
      The Team at

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