Education During COVID-19

We’re aware of the unique challenges educators and parents are facing due to COVID-19, and we will continue to provide a platform that encourages the love of reading, builds digital citizenship skills and allows kids to connect with their friends in a safe, learning-focused environment.

We offer a free standalone version, as well as a subscription-based Destiny integrated version.

Both versions offer the following functions to educators, and parents to engage young students.

  • Reading logs. Students can log their reading on Biblionasium and keep track of how many books they have read along with the time spent reading them.
  • Recommendations & reviews. Students can see real reviews from other students and get recommendations for great books to read from their peers.
  • Classroom library. Teachers can add their classroom library on Biblionasium so students can easily see at a glance which books are available for them.
  • Challenges. Biblionasium is a great way to run and track student reading challenges.
  • Wish Lists. Parents can log on and see which books their child has added to their wish list. They can also see what their child is reading and help keep them on track.  
  • We provide detailed REPORTS, on your Students’ Favorite books, their Wish list of Books, and popular books. These reports are a powerful tool for giving you insight into your students’ preferences and reading habits.

Our Destiny integrated version, in addition to the above, uses a single sign-on with existing Destiny credentials and also provides a real-time link to your school’s Destiny Library catalog.  It allows librarians and classroom teachers to collaborate and use existing library resources to make book recommendations, set up reading challenges, increase library circulation, aid in collection management and run school-wide reports.

To get started, go to and select ‘Join Us’.

You can find information on the Destiny integrated version here.




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