Lessons Learned and Cherished

Book Details

Title: Lessons Learned and Cherished: The Teacher Who Changed My Life
Author: Deborah Roberts
Publisher: Disney Books
ISBN: 1368095054


Lessons Learned and Cherished by Deborah Roberts is a charming collection of short, but inspirational stories dedicated to the impact teachers have on their students. With anecdotes and experiences from actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, television personalities, activists, and celebrities of all kinds, this book features lessons on how any individual teacher has the capability of touching the life of a child, whether they ever know it or not. From moments of simple kindness to allowing a student to be seen, from giving them a voice, to fostering a connection, or empowering a child to see a path to their future, the teachers exemplified in this book did what so many do each and every day. Each story allows us to realize the importance of our role as teachers, even in the little things, and the power we have to influence the lives of young people, not only in our classrooms, but well beyond. This book is a perfect read for those starting out in the teaching profession, but also for those veteran teachers who have worked tirelessly for many years and need this ray of light, a gentle reminder as to why the work we do continues to be so important. Lessons Learned and Cherished is a delightful dose of joy and a true reminder to keep showing up each day, to let us know that the light we spark in even one child today will not be forgotten tomorrow.

Kimberly M. Language Arts, CT

Lessons Learned and Cherished is a compilation of stories from influential individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, Jenna Bush Hager, and Jimmie Allen. The stories these individuals tell focus on the influence of a good teacher. Each author featured in this book tells specific stories from their lives focusing on the impact teachers made in their lives. This would be the perfect book to gift to your favorite teacher, or your child’s favorite teacher.
– Sarah T. PYP Librarian, TX

This book is full of wonderful anecdotes and tributes to teachers from a wide variety of people who have taken different paths with their professional lives. Many of their memories can bring the reader to happy tears and remind the reader of a teacher they once had. I think the target audience of the book should not be teachers or even people in the education field. It should be those in power to contribute to public schools in a financial way. I do appreciate that Deborah Roberts is trying to get out the message about how valuable teachers are to our future but until teachers are compensated as the true professionals they are, with numerous examples given in this book, the education field will continue to decline.

– Mrs. K. Stewart, Tucson, AZ teacher

This book is just a gem! So many little stories and sentiments that truly show why teachers are so special. Reading through each and every story, you can see that one small act by a teacher can literally change the trajectory of a child’s life. While I was reading through it, I just kept thinking how I would have loved to have this book when I started teaching 20 years ago. But reading it now also gave a breath of fresh air to my job. Teaching can be hard a lot of days, and this book helped me smile about what kids really pay attention to.

Laura F. Fourth Grade Teacher, OH