The Eyes and the Impossible

Book Details

Title: The Eyes and the Impossible
Author: Dave Eggers
Publisher: Knopf Books (An Imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 1524764205


The Eyes and the Impossible is a great book for the whole family. This book would make a fun family read aloud leading to a lot of great discussions. The Eyes and the Impossible is written from the perspective of a very eloquent dog who has lived for thousands of years. I was surprised how quickly I became involved in the life of this dog and his other animal companions.
– Mrs. K. Stewart, Tucson, AZ teacher

The Eyes and the Impossible is a good-natured, witty, and fantastical journey about a group of animal friends and the adventures they have in the park where they live. The main character, Johannes, is a likable and clever dog who gives us a first hand view of what life is like from the animal perspective, often questioning the motives and actions of humans and their effect on the environment around them. Eggers takes us on an adventure full of friendship and community, with themes of freedom intertwined, and tells a beautiful tale that helps us imagine what life is like for our four legged, furry, and even winged friends. A fun and fantastic read for animal lovers and adventure readers alike!
– Kimberly M. Language Arts, CT