Book Details

Title: Enemies
Author: Svetlana Chmakova
Publisher: JY
ISBN: 1975312791


My favorite character is Felicity because she likes art, money and being a business woman. There were big events that happened, relationships, business partner problems, and an inspector. If you have enemies, you should read this book.
– Britta M.

I liked this book because it is like real life problems but with exaggerated drama. Joseph is my favorite character because I like whenever he sees Felicity it gets really awkward. I recommend you read this book. It was very funny.
– Mason J.

I enjoyed reading it and since it was a graphic novel that made it even better. My favorite character was probably Tess. I like her funny ideas (even though they aren’t always practical) and how she is always super confident and optimistic. I think you would enjoy reading this book if you are a fan of graphic novels or the rest of the series behind Enemies (Awkward, Brave, Crush). I haven’t read those yet, but now I’m definitely going to!
– Sofia B.