Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away

Book Details

Title: Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away
Author: Meg Medina
Publisher: Candlewick
ISBN: 1536230677


It’s a good book for anyone looking for a classic fiction story. This book would be perfect for someone who has a friend moving away. The illustrations were really good and keep the reader’s attention. It would be good for anyone looking for a cute little book for their kid. Lastly, it’s perfect for a child who doesn’t know what to read. 
– Anaya C. and Aleah C.

I think that it’s good for kids that are moving away from their friends. I think the story is very good for lots of kids that feel upset if their friend is leaving. I think it’s good for kids to understand that even if they move away, their friends can still be in their hearts. They can send posts postcards and pictures.
– Violet B.