Book Details

Title: Holes
Author: Louis Sachar
Publisher: Yearling (An Imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 0593462289


You’re going to want to dig into this story! Every kid should read this great story. It’s about perseverance and testing a new friendship. Lots of funny moments. My favorite character was Stanley because he’s selfless and puts Hector first. He’s like a hero. I liked this book, it made me feel happy. Creating a friendship that turns into a strong bond and transforms into a family relationship. My favorite part is when Stanley and Hector find treasure? Who doesn’t like treasure? I know I do. This book is great for all ages. If they cant read that level yet then they can make it into a family book reading bond. I believe the best part is after you read this book you can watch the movie! To compare and see if it matches how you pictured the characters. To see if you prefer the book or movie, maybe both. Happy reading!

– Sarabell S.

Holes is a great book about Stanley Yelnats experience at Camp Green Lake. This is a great humorous book with an element of mystery to it. When I started reading this book it was hard to stop. I would recommend Holes to anyone who enjoys books with adventure in them. My favorite character would have to be Zero (or Hector Zeroni as we learn later in the book). I love his dedication to learning how to read and write, and his honesty when he tells Stanley that he was the one who stole the shoes. I would definitely give this book a 5 star review. All in all, you should definitely read this book.
– Chloe

The book made me feel slightly worried because the boys have to dig holes everyday, in the heat. The book also made me curious about what will happen next in the book, like about the treasure the owner of Camp Green Lake was searching for. Other kids should read this book because it has a good plot, and it also has some things in the book that kids could relate to. My favorite character in the book was probably Zero (Hector), because he had an interesting backstory and he had the courage to run away from the camp.
– Ivy L.