Keeper of the Lost Cities #9: Stellarlune

Book Details

Title: Stellarlune (Keeper of the Lost Cities #9)
Author: Shannon Messenger
Publisher: Aladdin Books (An Imprint of Simon & Schuster)
ISBN: 1534438521


Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger is about a girl named Sofie who is also an elf and her adventures and rebellion against the Neverseen. On the way to destroy the Neverseen she finds new friends and feelings. She also finds that Keefe also has new really powerful abilities. She has complications and fights with friends and new allies she is not sure to trust. I really like this book because all the characters feel really real. I also like how some of the book is suspenseful and some of it has happy parts or sad parts.
– Evelyn K.

Children should read the book, Stellarlulne #9, Keeper of the Lost Cities, because they have positive role models that are very age appropriate for children. There is a twelve year old girl as the main character that shows no matter how small you are, you can do big things. My favorite character was Sofie. This book made me feel genuinely happy and confident.
– Ashalee M..

From the cover art I couldn’t wait to open this book and continue reading this stellar series! Sophie is having drama with boys and the world is in chaos. How is this going to end? I couldn’t wait to find out. I would recommend this book series starting at number one, to anyone looking for a new series full of magic and a world of elves. This book is full of cliffhangers that make you want to keep on reading!
– Sera F.