Millionaires for the Month

Book Details

Title: Millionaires fo the Month
Author: Stacy McAnulty
Publisher:  Random House
ISBN: 0593175255


It is cool to see how they spend the money. Felix doesn’t want to spend the money, he thinks Benji is crazy, but spends the money anyway. This book was exciting.
– Braylyn

Other kids should read this because it teaches you a lesson. Felix is my favorite character because he didn’t want to spend the twenty dollars. The book made me feel sad for Felix and Bengi because the challenge was hard. The book tells you a lesson to not steal. I think any kid would enjoy this book very much.
– Bryten

This book was amazing, and I really enjoyed it. Other kids should read it because it teaches about value and responsibility, while still being entertaining. My favorite character was Felix, because he was sweet, caring, smart, and nice. This book made me feel hopeful/happy, because it shows that everything has value, even small, seemingly insignificant things. This was a funny book, and was extremely entertaining.
– Naomi B.