Narwhalicorn and Jelly

Book Details

Title: Narwhalicorn and Jelly
Author: Ben Clanton
Publisher: Tundra Books (An Imprint of Penguin Random House Canada)
ISBN: 0735266840


This was one of the best books that my reading partner and I have ever read. This had a lot of funny and random events that came out of nowhere, this was also well illustrated and written. I can’t get over how amazing this book turned out to be. This is now one of my personal favorite books. it was also a creative story in many ways. I loved all the characters and settings in the Narwhalicorn and Jelly book, this was truly the best book. I will always remember Narwhalicorn and Jelly by Ben Clanton.
– Grant R.

Narwhalicorn and Jelly by Ben Clanton is a good book. In this book Narwhal wants to be a unicorn and wants to live on the land; but not any unicorn, a narwhalicorn! So one night Narwhal and Jelly swim to the beach side and when Narwhal wishes for legs, thats when the chaos starts!
– Ishwari D.

This book by Ben Clanton is about Narwhal always wishing that he will have legs so he can be a unicorn! not just a plain normal unicorn a Narwhalicorn! so one night at beach side Jelly and narwhal swim to the beach side. So Jelly and Narwhal can see the wishing star so that Narwhal can wish to become a Narwhalicorn! Narwhal really wants Jelly to come along with him which Jelly didn’t really agree with Narwhal but all of a sudden…. Jelly is inside of a Fish Bowl! or can I say Jelly Bowl. Before Jelly is inside of a fish bowl Narwhal wishes to have Legs with Hair that all makes a…… Narwhalicorn?! This is all I’m going to tell you you’ll have to find out the rest.
– Jennifer S.

I really liked the part where Narwhal turns into a unicorn. I liked that there was a lot of unicorns and talking about other species of them. 
– Violet B.