Simon and Chester #3: Super Family!

Book Details

Title: Super Family! (Simon and Chester #3)
Author: Cale Atkinson
Publisher: Tundra Books (An Imprint of Penguin Random House Canada)
ISBN: 0735272433


Super Family! was very funny and it was an amazing graphic novel. It is also very detailed and keeps you hooked the entire time! It is a great book no matter which genre you prefer. It has extremely detailed pictures as well, that will give you a great visual of the book! The colors and font are amazing as well. The writing pops and the colors are beautiful. It is an amazing book for anyone who likes funny fiction graphic novels!
– Anaya C.

This book is funny. There are some good jokes. Simon is wondering what it would be like in a normal family after watching a show about that because he lives with his grandma and ghost friend. Simon lives at a lakeside town in Kelowna. Simon is a smart kid because of his connections with Chester. At the end of the book, he realizes that his family is just fine and is actually more normal than he thought!
– Dewey

I think it’s a good book because it shows to be grateful for your family. I can’t wait for the next Simon and Chester book.
– Violet B.