The Last Comics on Earth

Book Details

Title: The Last Comics on Earth
Author: Max Brallier
Publisher: Viking Books (An Imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 0593526775


First, The kids are reading a book called Z man but then they realize that they have read all the Z man books! so they start making their own book about Z man. Next, In the comic they make a villain is trying to take Z mans Power crystal of power! Finally, The heroes have to save the crystal and the world! Read this book to find out what happens next!
– Andrew P.

The reason that other kids should read this book is because it’s full of jokes that’ll make you laugh. Also, the plot of the book is really good. Out of all the characters in the book the one that I liked most was Quint because of his comic book character Doc Baker. I liked this character because of how creative he was and his character design. This book made me feel good and laugh a lot.
– R.M.