Turtles of the Midnight Moon

Book Details

Title: Turtles of the Midnight Moon
Author: Maria José Fitzgerald
Publisher: Knopf Books (An Imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 0593488709


I thought Turtles of the Midnight Moon was going to be all about the girls becoming friends. However, it was a magical fantasy about a breathtaking turtle, and a heart-pounding mystery, instead! My favorite part was when they found the turtle totems!
– Eliana H.

Turtles of the Midnight Moon by Maria Jose Fitzgerald is an awesome book! It describes Abby and Barana’s adventure to save Luna’s nest! Their adventure is full of magic, mystery, mysterious charms and-worst of all-poachers.
– Shubham M.

Abby came from New York to her Dad’s hometown, Pataya! Barana lives in Pataya and Barana has a special turtle named Luna. Luna’s leatherback has a scar shaped like a moon. Barana has the exact same scar on her back! But when Abby and Barana meet they know they are friends. Abby loves to take photos and Barana loves poems and drawing, but they both have something in common when it comes to protecting leatherback sea turtles, especially Luna. When both girls receive a turtle totem that gives them courage! But poachers come! Can Barana and Abby save Luna’s eggs and figure out who the charms are from?
– Madeline R.

This book is a great choice for people who dream of saving animals. Heart-felt book full of cliffhangers.
My favorite character is Barana because she focuses on helping turtles even when it might be dangerous. Reading this book made me even more motivated to save the environment. I want to start an organization to keep animals from going extinct. I loved this book and was sad when it ended knowing there are no sequels.

– Cloe J.

It made me feel curious and interested in the book. I like the character Barana, because she wants to protect the sea turtles. This book was a mystery book with a little fantasy.
– Ivy.