Ultimate Mammalpedia

Book Details

Title: Ultimate Mammalpedia
Author: Stephanie Warren Drimmer  
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN: 142637321X


Other kids should read this book because it will give them great information about all different kinds of animals that are mammals. Kids can learn all about where animals live, what they eat, and who their predators are. This book also has great photographs of all of the animals that help us see what they look like if we have never seen them before. Our favorite animal that we learned about were the koalas. We loved seeing the photographs of them and learning more about them. For example, koalas eat so much eucalyptus that they smell like cough drops! This book made us feel happy because we loved seeing all of the cute animals. We liked being able to flip to pages that focus on mammals that are living in different parts of the world. Our favorite part of the book was being able to see the animals in the book that we see at the zoo and reading more about them that we didn’t learn at the zoo. We think that anyone who loves learning about animals will love this book. We also think that older kids would like this book too because there are pages and pages of information that have big vocabulary words that are great for more advanced readers. Overall this book was great for learning about mammals around the world with great real life pictures to see what the animals look like. We recommend this book to any animal lover out there!

– Sydney D.

I was super happy to see that there was an entire page dedicated to sloths. It is full of information about some animals I didn’t even know about. Have you ever heard of an echidna? You can learn about one if you read this book.
– Mason J.