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Announcing our Summer Reading Contest!

Dear Readers,

At Biblionasium, we create a culture of reading and help you build a community of lifelong readers.

To support our students, we are pleased to announce the Swing Into Summer Reading Challenge. Details below!

Read on for contest details.

Warm regards,

The BookClubs at Biblionasium

Log your reading minutes on Biblionasium from June 1 through August 15.

Three school winners will be awarded grand prizes for greatest total minutes read.

Check out the Summer Suggested Reading Bookshelves on Biblionasium for curated reading suggestions by age group and genre.

Click here for contest details.

Student Book Review: Disney’s Who’s Who by Disney Book Group

Review Sharing Header

Winning Book Review
Ages 11-12 Runner-Up
Submitted by Isabella R.

Review of Disney’s Who’s Who by Disney Book Group


5 Stars

You should read this book if you’re in the mood for: Humor, Informational

What did you like about this book?
I liked this book because it explained all the different characters from movies that I knew by heart and even movies i have never even heard of before. I also liked how it noted fun facts about different characters such as how many strands of hair Elsa has.

Who were the main character(s)? Which one(s) were your favorite? Why?
There were no main characters; they all had their own description.

Other kids should read this book because…
It states facts and has information about every character you would find in Disney movies and is so entertaining it will make you never want to put it down.

This book reminds me of no other book I’ve read.

Your thoughts on the book:
I thought this book was very entertaining because when I thought I was ready to put it down, I would always want to just keep reading. I also loved how this book made me laugh because some of the facts you learn, you can’t help but let out a chuckle.

I recommend this book for kids in these grades:
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Introducing Our New School-Wide Platform!​

Want to create a powerful reading community and strengthen your school-home connection? Use Biblionasium’s school-wide platform

We’re excited to announce that over the summer we’ve been working on a school subscription version of Biblionasium thanks to feedback from users like you!

We’ve found that students’ excitement about reading is amplified when they’re connected with friends, and when they share their reading goals and accomplishments. Generate a book buzz by providing your whole school with a social reading platform that’s safe and customizable.  

As the “GoodReads for Kids,” our mission is to support young readers by getting them excited about books. One of our favorite things when hearing from students and educators is the sense of pride students have in their Biblionasium bookshelves. Since their accounts move with them from class to class and year to year, students can see their growth and marvel at their own reading prowess

Plus, you can engage students in reading challenges across classes and grades, create in-class and afterschool book clubs, and share book reviews and recommendations in the classroom and beyond. 
You can also connect parents for extra support. Research shows that parental encouragement at home can make a considerable difference in students’ reading success.

The possibilities are endless but we’ll stop there for now! 😎

Check out our case study with K-12 district teacher librarian Shannon McClintock Miller to see how she cultivates an enthusiastic reading community in her district.

Benefits of a school-wide version:
  • Unlimited student and educator accounts
  • Ability to create unlimited groups and use multiple groups within and across different grades 
  • Expand reading challenges across grade levels or to the entire school
  • Ability for your students’ accounts, their reading challenges, bookshelves, book reviews, book recommendations, and awards to move with them from class to class and year to year
  • Students will be able to track their reading journey over the years
  • Ability to include multiple educators to collaborate and oversee each group 
  • Include your school librarian to help bridge the connection between classroom to library
  • Progress data and detailed reporting across grades and for entire school 
  • Invite and connect parents for better student reading outcomes 
  • Most importantly – a school subscription can be supported by school or district funds, versus a teacher/librarian’s personal discretionary budget 

Welcome to the Biblionasium Blog & Help Center!

Welcome to the Biblionasium Blog & Help Center!




Thank you for visiting the Biblionasium Blog, where we share book recommendations, help articles, case studies and more!


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We do not have books on the website for kids to read.  On Biblionasium, children can rate, review, and recommend books to their community. They can also log their reading and participate in reading challenges. However, due to copyright, students will need to obtain the books from other sources.  

Beyond school and public libraries, we recommend that you review the following sources to consider recommending to your students for reading books online:

Project Gutenberg – A library of over 60,000 free e-books in the public domain

Overdrive a resource where you can download e-books and audiobooks for free if you have a library card 

Unite for Literacyfree digital picture books for kids


First, check your spam or junk folder to make sure the email isn’t there. If you do not see the confirmation email in your spam folder, please email us and we will manually confirm your account and issue a temporary password.


First, please check our initial sync and setup article and Destiny sync checklist to make sure your accounts and homerooms are configured correctly in Destiny.

We recommend contacting Follett Destiny technical support for assistance with the following issues:

  • Initial sync & setup questions
  • Logging in through Destiny
  • Help running a sync
  • Patron/access levels

You can also call one of Destiny’s dedicated support lines:

USA: 888.511.5114 + Option 2

International: 708.884.5100 + Option 2

Destiny will reach out to us if your problem is Biblionasium specific.


Destiny educators should manage groups through Destiny if:

  • Groups, homerooms, and teachers need to reflect exactly what is set up in the Destiny back end
  • Edits, adding, and removing data are done through Destiny and not Biblionasium

Destiny educators should manage groups through Biblionasium if you need to:

  • Add new group(s) that are not needed in Destiny (book clubs, special classes, etc.)
  • Add additional educators to any group
  • Move students between groups with ease (without needing to re-sync data)
  • Allow students to join a group using a unique group code
Please see our article For Destiny Administrators: How to Manage Your Groups Through Biblionasium for more information on managing your groups through Biblionasium.

Browse our help categories or run a search


If you are a Destiny Administrator, please start with our Initial Sync & Setup article.


Building Community Biblio Challenge

Get ready to re-energize reading with some community fun in November!

Let’s keep kids enthusiastic about learning and reading more than halfway through the term with a burst of creativity.

We’re also here to help parents and educators with fun learning activities as the days get busy and holidays draw near.

Your Biblio team presents our fave book activities for at home or school! Read on to find out how you can bring book-tasting, Biblio badges, and smiles to your communities!

Here’s how to re-energize reading this November:

  • Kids choose a book to read and an activity to do alongside it! They can use Shannon Miller’s interactive choice board, our activity checklist toolkit, their Biblio Challenge bookshelf, or choose a book of their own!
  • OR your class chooses a book to read and activity to do TOGETHER.
  • Kids write a review for each book & activity they do alone or as a group. 
  • Educators keep track of book reviews. Choose how many kids have to do to win a BIBLIO BADGE! Choose how many class activities or badges students collectively earn to win a COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE. Use our templates for these.
  • Have fun with this! Celebrate your kids’ and group achievements with a prize of your choosing – like a ‘dress up as your fave book character day’!

Connect with the wider Biblio community – TAG @Biblionasium and #Biblionasium on twitter and instagram of pictures of your books and activities AND either 

  • tell us about your activity
  • your fave thing about Biblio!
  • A snippet of a kids’ review!

By doing this you enter a chance to be featured on our blog!!

REMEMBER to check out all our resources to have fun as a community this November:
Choice board  – on this interactive choice board, you’ll find a range of books and activities to suit your needs and inspire your active young readers — from authors guiding videos to print out activities to books that are activities, discussion guides, and eco-art projects! Just open the PDF to take a click about. 
Print out activity our checklists and notes templates to help kids brainstorm and track their reviews!