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Biblionasium is hosting a summer reading challenge with printables, prizes, and more!

Tired of the same old boring minutes or pages challenge? Our Swing Into Reading 2021 Summer Reading Challenge is a different kind of reading challenge! Instead of just logging minutes and pages, this challenge encourages kids to connect to stories and share them with their community by writing book reviews.

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Swing Into Reading Challenge Info

Start Date: June 1, 2021

Deadline: August 15, 2021

How to enter:

(every review you submit is another entry to win!)

Click here to read the official challenge rules.

Swing Into Reading Challenge Printables

Students can challenge themselves with fun printables like reading bingo and a printable summer reading goal!

Summer Reading Goal Sheet Printable

Download this Summer Reading Goal Sheet to encourage your students to set a reading goal and achieve it by August 15, 2021.

Summer Reading Book Bingo Printable

Download this Summer Reading Book Bingo Sheet to encourage your students to read a variety of different books this summer.

Summer Reading Book Review Printable

Download this Summer Reading Book Review Worksheet to engage your students in reading by writing book reviews.

Book Suggestions for Summer Reading

Find books to recommend for your summer reading lists, and don't forget to check our suggested reading bookshelves!

Featured Favorites

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Evie Y.
Evie Y.
Disgusting Critters: The Bat
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You’ll like this book if you either want to learn a lot about bats, or you just want to know all about animals. It has all different types of facts, such as where a bat sleeps, how it finds food, and more! This book is really good to read and I would definitely recommend it to you!
Mia L.
Mia L.
Megabat and the Not-Happy Birthday
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Mega Bat is actually a quite small bat but is big in the soul. He may think glasses are face windows, he may say a couple of things wrong, but that is all ok. Mega Bat's birthday is coming up and he doesn’t know what to do! He’s so excited! Will his birthday turn out like he thought? Will it even be fun? Read this epic book to find out!
Disgusting Critters: The Bat
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If you read this book you will love it! I give this book 100 stars. The book makes me want to read more bat facts. I hope that she makes more cool books. I like creepy animals.
Megabat and the Not-Happy Birthday
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This book is awesome. I would definitely read Megabat again. My favorite part is the way Megabat talks. I recommend this book ages 5 to 10. I am still reading this book but it is really good so far. The chapters are short and I like when they are short. I would definitely read another book in this series.

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