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10 STEM Books for Budding Scientists

10 STEM Books For Budding Scientists.png

Encourage your students to pursue big dreams in an exciting way!

By reading engaging stories of inquisitive kids and important historical figures, children get excited about becoming engineers, inventors, scientists, and mathematicians!

Moreover, they feel celebrated for their natural curiosity and for asking questions.

Check out these 10 inspiring, diverse, STEM-related books to get your students thinking like scientists. 

FAQs: Destiny Administrators

How do I force a sync from the Destiny Back Office?


If any of your account data is incorrect, or if you need to add new accounts, you will need to force a sync to Biblionasium without waiting for automatic sync to run.

First, visit your Destiny Back Office and add the new accounts and/or address any errors present. Then log back into Biblionasium and go to your Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.48.05.png. Click the checkbox next to “Schedule the next sync to run immediately.”

Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.11.35.png

Don’t forget to scroll down and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.13.21.png to save the change.

Then go back into Destiny, go to Back Office > Site Configuration > Site Info and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.17.34.png.


How do I move students to new groups at the beginning of the school year?

There are three ways to move students between groups as a Destiny administrator. If you manage your groups through Destiny, simply update the listings in your Destiny Back Office and sync over the new groups. If managing groups through Biblionasium:
  1. You can use the “All Students” feature.
  2. You can distribute group codes so your students can join their own groups.

Can Biblionasium support help me with sync & setup issues?


We recommend contacting Follett Destiny technical support for assistance with the following issues:

  • Initial sync & setup questions
  • Logging in through Destiny
  • Help running a sync
  • Patron/access levels

You can also call one of Destiny’s dedicated support lines:

USA: 888.511.5114 + Option 2

International: 708.884.5100 + Option 2

Destiny will reach out to us if your problem is Biblionasium specific.


Sync Criteria for Destiny & Biblionasium


If you would like to try troubleshooting sync errors on your own, make sure these criteria are met before syncing accounts and homerooms between Destiny and Biblionasium:

  • “Use Biblionasium” is checked in Admin > Site Configuration > Site Info
  • You as the librarian are set as the supervisor
  • All homerooms are configured correctly under “Manage Homerooms”
    • Each homeroom needs to have a homeroom supervisor assigned
    • The supervisor must have an email address in their patron record
    • The homeroom supervisor must be assigned to their own homeroom under Edit Patron > Site Information
    • There must be at least one student in the homeroom for it to sync
  • All teachers (including homeroom teachers) and students are configured correctly under Manage Patrons > Edit
    • Teachers must have:
      • Username
      • Password
      • Email address
      • Barcode
      • Homeroom assignment
      • Patron Type (usually “Faculty”)
      • Access Level (usually “Teacher”)
    • Students must have:
      • Username
      • Password
      • Barcode
      • Homeroom assignment
      • Patron Type (usually “Student”)
      • Access Level (usually “Patron”)

After you have checked your settings, please use the instructions at the top of this page to force a sync from Destiny Discover to Biblionasium. If the issue persists, please contact Destiny Support.