Destiny Librarian

FAQs: Destiny Administrators

How do I force a sync from the Destiny Back Office?


If any of your account data is incorrect, or if you need to add new accounts, you will need to force a sync to Biblionasium without waiting for automatic sync to run.

First, visit your Destiny Back Office and add the new accounts and/or address any errors present. Then log back into Biblionasium and go to your Screenshot 2018-12-27 13.48.05.png. Click the checkbox next to “Schedule the next sync to run immediately.”

Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.11.35.png

Don’t forget to scroll down and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.13.21.png to save the change.

Then go back into Destiny, go to Back Office > Site Configuration > Site Info and click Screenshot 2018-10-10 15.17.34.png.


How do I move students to new groups at the beginning of the school year?

There are three ways to move students between groups as a Destiny administrator. If you manage your groups through Destiny, simply update the listings in your Destiny Back Office and sync over the new groups. If managing groups through Biblionasium:
  1. You can use the “All Students” feature.
  2. You can distribute group codes so your students can join their own groups.

Can Biblionasium support help me with sync & setup issues?


We recommend contacting Follett Destiny technical support for assistance with the following issues:

  • Initial sync & setup questions
  • Logging in through Destiny
  • Help running a sync
  • Patron/access levels

You can also call one of Destiny’s dedicated support lines:

USA: 888.511.5114 + Option 2

International: 708.884.5100 + Option 2

Destiny will reach out to us if your problem is Biblionasium specific.


Sync Criteria for Destiny & Biblionasium


If you would like to try troubleshooting sync errors on your own, make sure these criteria are met before syncing accounts and homerooms between Destiny and Biblionasium:

  • “Use Biblionasium” is checked in Admin > Site Configuration > Site Info
  • You as the librarian are set as the supervisor
  • All homerooms are configured correctly under “Manage Homerooms”
    • Each homeroom needs to have a homeroom supervisor assigned
    • The supervisor must have an email address in their patron record
    • The homeroom supervisor must be assigned to their own homeroom under Edit Patron > Site Information
    • There must be at least one student in the homeroom for it to sync
  • All teachers (including homeroom teachers) and students are configured correctly under Manage Patrons > Edit
    • Teachers must have:
      • Username
      • Password
      • Email address
      • Barcode
      • Homeroom assignment
      • Patron Type (usually “Faculty”)
      • Access Level (usually “Teacher”)
    • Students must have:
      • Username
      • Password
      • Barcode
      • Homeroom assignment
      • Patron Type (usually “Student”)
      • Access Level (usually “Patron”)

After you have checked your settings, please use the instructions at the top of this page to force a sync from Destiny Discover to Biblionasium. If the issue persists, please contact Destiny Support.