World Read Aloud Day: Biblionasium Trophy

World Read Aloud Day is February 1st! When kids log a book – any book – in Biblionasium on Feb. 1st, they will earn our WRAD trophy which is offered each year. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating reading aloud and all the benefits kids enjoy when others read aloud to them.

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For Educators: How to Create a Reading Challenge

Screenshot 2018-11-29 15.11.07.png

This short tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a reading challenge on Biblionasium.

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Read for the Record – October 25th

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record is coming up on October 25th, and Biblionasium is on board! This year’s featured book is Maybe Something Beautiful.

Read for the Record is the world’s largest shared reading experience, bringing people across the country and around the world together to read the same book on the same day and share the joy and connection of reading.

This year’s featured book is Maybe Something Beautiful.  If you purchase the book from JumpStart, you will be helping to support Jumpstart’s work in communities around the country. Click here to order your book!

Even if you don’t have access to this featured book, you can still participate by reading to children this Thursday October 25th.   

Maybe Something Beautiful

Reveals how art can inspire transformation. ✔

Based on the true story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego. ✔

The triumph of a community against forces of social decay. ✔

Paints a world of possible hope and beauty. ✔

Best for ages 4-7.

Get involved: 

▶ Take the pledge to read and see if you can help break the record!

▶ Check out the Activities and Resource Toolkit from Jumpstart for extra ways to engage kids while reading.

▶ If you will be reading aloud, watch this useful read-aloud training video from Broward Schools.

To celebrate the day… 

▶ Try setting up a reading challenge on Biblionasium!

▶ Set a challenge for students to read to each other.

▶ Set a challenge for students to read 30 minutes to themselves and log the minutes on Biblionasium.

Set up a reading challenge!
For help with reading logs and logging minutes for challenges, please see these articles: