Challenge FAQs

Q: How do I add a book to a challenge?

A: To add books to an existing challenge, you will need to go to the Challenge and click, then and use the search function below the existing books.

Q: How do I change my challenge’s end date?

A: Go to the Challenge and click The option to change the end date may not be available if the challenge has already expired.

Q: Can my child delete a book from a challenge?

A:  Once a book has counted toward a challenge, it cannot be deleted. The reason for this is since challenges are tied in with the reading log and awards, allowing students to freely edit their challenges would result in a loss of accountability. If a book has counted toward a challenge, it cannot be removed.

Q: Why is my child’s logged reading not counting toward their challenge?

A: Challenges are active from the date they were created. Please ensure reading is logged correctly within the start and end date of the challenge. If the date is correct, the correct challenge has been selected within the reading log and the logs still aren’t counting toward the challenge, please email us so we can troubleshoot the issue.

Some challenges must be accepted before reading logs begin to count toward them. Go into your child’s Challenges tab and make sure they have “started” the challenge.

Q: I’m running a challenge by genre. How can my student(s) make sure their reading is counted?

A: Please have your students check the genre of the books they are logging toward the challenge to make sure they get credit for what they’re reading. The genre assignment is included in the book’s info section.

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