Printable Reading Challenge Certificate

An encouraged reader is an excited reader!  Use this printable certificate to reward your students for a job well done once they’ve completed a reading challenge!
Biblionasium Reading Challenge Certificate
Be sure to also check out our collection of digital citizenship resources, complete with a fun and informative video, a slideshow for teachers to share with their classes, a printable pledge, and activities that use writing book recommendations and reviews as real-world applications of digital citizenship.

Introduction to Digital Citizenship for Teachers


As a digital sharing platform, Biblionasium is built on a foundation of digital citizenship.
We are the “Goodreads for Kids,” providing a safe and controlled social network where students can rate, review, and recommend books to their peers.


Scroll down for more printable activities featuring book recommendations and reviews.

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Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan for Teachers and Guidelines for Book Recommendations and Reviews


This lesson plan and the Guidelines for Book Recommendations and Reviews can be printed out and used along with our Digital Citizenship Slideshow for Teachers and our Book Recommendation Activities and Book Review Activities to engage and excite your students about digital citizenship!

Click below for the lesson plan with helpful tips and ideas!