Reading Challenge Suggestions

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Need ideas for Biblionasium reading challenges? Here are some fun ones to try.

Click here if you need general instructions for creating a reading challenge on Biblionasium.

Series Challenge

Challenge your students to read through an entire book series (example: Harry Potter).

To create a series challenge: 

Go to “Create a challenge based on your choice of books,” click ADD and search for the series you want to assign.

Select the books in the series, preferably in order. You can choose to issue a deadline or leave it open-ended.


Award Winners

Creating a challenge from a larger list, such as the Youth Media Awards or the Caldecott Medal and Honor list, can give you a starting point and the assurance that every book you’ve listed is of the highest quality.

To create an award winners challenge: 

You can either select a few books from the list, as shown in the series challenge section, or you can choose “Create a challenge based on reading a minimum number of books from a list.”

With this option, you can search for and add the books on the list (example: Caldecott award winners).


Special Event Challenge

Special events like Poetry Month, Black History Month and other holidays are a great opportunity to engage kids in a reading challenge.

To create a special event challenge: 

Create a challenge based on genre (example: Poetry Month), or search for books on a specific topic.

Summer Reading Challenge

Keeping kids reading during the summer is crucial to avoid the summer slide. One effective method is to assign a number of pages or minutes for the whole summer.

To create a summer reading challenge:

You can choose any method you like, but many schools have had great success (such as Cobb County Schools) with a minutes challenge.

Have you had success with a different type of challenge? Let us know!

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