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Announcing our Rick Riordan Presents Book Review Contest!

Three lucky winners will win the first book in each Rick Riordan Presents series!

At Biblionasium, we know that kids want to read the books their friends are reading. Plus, having students write book reviews is a fantastic way to encourage reflection on reading material. 
Read on for more details.

Teacher Appreciation Week Book Giveaway!

Teacher Appreciation Week Book Giveaway!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Show a little extra appreciation this year by entering the Teacher Appreciation Book Giveaway!

Biblionasium will select 10 nominated teachers to receive a free gift book! Titles include teacher favorites, stories starring amazing educators, books that teach lessons or skills, and more! There’s no better gift for a teacher than a book! 
Keep reading to see the books up for grabs and enter to win here!
Lily to the Rescue by W Bruce Cameron Review Contest

“Lily to the Rescue” Review Contest Winner


Do you remember reading unputdownable book series as a kid? Wouldn’t it be thrilling to meet the author of those books?

When a kid gets hooked on a book series, that feeling can make them excited to read more and more books. Introducing the first book in a series is a great way to get kids reading for fun and reading consistently

We are delighted to present the book review that won a classroom Q & A with beloved author W. Bruce Cameron. Check out excerpts from the winning review and other great reviews from Biblionasium‘s Lily to the Rescue Book Review Contest below!