For Students: How to Create a Reading Challenge

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To get started: Go to the Screenshot 2018-11-29 15.10.39.png tab. Select the blue tab that says “Start a new challenge” at the top of the next page.

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Step 1: Check the box next to “Yes, it’s for me!”

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Step 2: Name the challenge. This is where you get to be creative.

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Step 3: Select the type of challenge you would like to give yourself. (scroll down to see each choice explained)

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A) Select a category or genre and choose a number goal to shoot for. Note: If you select the “All” category, this is the easiest challenge. You can choose your own books and get credit for the challenge as long as you reach the set number.

B) Choose a book or set of books. Click on “Add,” and a search bar will appear. From there you can select as many books as you want.

Screenshot 2018-11-29 15.13.37.pngScreenshot 2018-11-29 15.13.57.png

C) Choose number of minutes to read.

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D) Choose number of pages to read.

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E) Create a challenge based on a larger list (i.e., Caldecott Award Winners, 20 Books Every Middle Grader Should Read, etc.)

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Step 4: Make sure to save your challenge.

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