For Parents: How to Create a Reading Challenge

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This short tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a reading challenge on Biblionasium.

To get started: Go to the Screenshot 2018-11-29 15.10.39.png tab. Select the blue tab that says “Start a new challenge” at the top of the next page.

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Step 1: Select a child/children to issue the challenge to.

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Step 2: Check the box next to the reward you would like to offer for completing the challenge. You can even create a custom reward that will uniquely motivate your child.Screenshot 2018-12-26 15.29.50.png

Step 3: Name your challenge. This is where you get to be creative.

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Step 4: Select the type of challenge you would like to issue. (see below for an explanation of each option)

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A) Select a category or genre and give your child a number goal to shoot for. Note: If you select the “All” category, this is the most generic and easiest challenge. Your child will be able to choose their own books and get credit for the challenge as long as they reach the set number.

B) Choose a specific book or set of books. Click on “Add,” and a search bar will appear. From there you can select as many books as you want.

Screenshot 2018-11-29 15.13.37.pngScreenshot 2018-11-29 15.13.57.png

C) Assign a certain number of minutes to be read.

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D) Assign a certain number of pages to be read.

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E) Create a challenge based on a larger list (i.e., Caldecott Award Winners, 20 Books Every Middle Grader Should Read, etc.)

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Step 5: Select an end date for the challenge (choosing a deadline is optional, you can elect to leave this blank). Please note that you cannot change the challenge end date once that date has passed, so choose carefully. Also, make sure to note the date you created the challenge, as this will determine which logs will count toward it.

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Step 6: Make sure to save your challenge.

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