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Q: Are my reviews visible to people outside my group?

A: Student reviews are only visible to classmates and friends. Likewise, parent reviews are only visible to their kids and teacher reviews are only visible to their group(s). Our site does not allow for public reviews.

Q: As a teacher, do I have to allow students to see each other’s reviews?

A: The default setting prevents student reviews from being shared. You can choose to enable the review sharing feature if you would like to let students see each other’s reviews. Go to and look under “Students’ book reviews can be shared.”


Review sharing enabled:

Q: Once I’ve enabled review sharing, can I moderate reviews before they post publicly?

A: You can opt to moderate reviews from the menu. Look under “Admin/teacher must approve review before it is shared.” From there, you can choose which teachers can be notified and approve/delete reviews.

Q: Why is the admin approval option for reviews grayed out?

A: Make sure you have checked “Yes” under “Students’ book reviews can be shared.” If the option is set to “No,” the admin approval option will be disabled as well, since there is no need for the option to approve or delete private reviews.

Q: Who can edit or delete student reviews?

A: Only a student can edit or delete their own review. They will need to go to, then select and click the or button.

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