How to Fight the Summer Slide with Biblionasium

Screenshot 2018-12-06 14.02.57The summer slide is that unfortunate phenomenon that occurs when kids start losing skills they worked so hard to learn over the school year. Unless they practice those skills, it’s easy to lose all that progress they worked so hard to achieve. But getting kids to actually sit down with a book, pay attention to the book, and record what they’ve read when pools, sprinklers and sparklers are calling their name can feel like pulling teeth.

Introducing a modern, fun-to-use digital reading log system is a great way to help motivate kids to spend some time with a book amidst all the summer distractions. Here are some ways you can challenge your students and help them fight the summer slide using Biblionasium.

1. Have your students use Biblionasium to log at least 20 minutes of reading every day. 

Did you know that only 20 minutes of reading a day is proven to improve kids’ grades when they return to school? 20 minutes a day isn’t even a lot of reading, but it can make a big difference. Showing them how to log pages and minutes in Biblionasium can make reading more fun this summer. They’ll earn badges for logging their first book and will continue to earn more along the way!

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2. Set up a reading challenge with a pages or minutes goal. 

Our teachers and librarians have had a lot of success with school-, grade- and class-wide reading challenges. Our challenge and reading log features are great, simple tools to help students work toward a tangible goal. For instance, you could offer a reward to students who read a total of 1000 minutes this summer. Once they reach that goal, they’ll feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and so will you.

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In 2018, Cobb County School District teamed up with Cobb County Public Libraries and had great success with their minutes challenge!

3. Use our Reports feature to track student reading logs.

Looking at individual student reading logs during the summer is a tedious, time-consuming task. Our reading logs report allows you to view all student reading logs at a glance, saving you loads of valuable time.

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4. Use the messaging and recommendation features to keep students engaged throughout the summer.

When school’s out, it’s more important than ever to keep reminding kids to read, but there’s not always an easy way to keep in contact with them. Sending a group message on Biblionasium or sending a book recommendation can give you contact with your students and give them motivation to read. It might be just the encouragement they need to excel and progress throughout the summer!

Are you ready to show the summer slide who’s boss? Email us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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