For Educators: How to Send Invites to Parents

Involving parents in your Biblionasium program offers many benefits, including increased engagement, higher rates of challenge participation, and accountability for reading log entries.

When parents join Biblionasium:

  • They can see their child’s reading history, reading logs, favorite books, reading preferences, book reviews and more.
  • They can see your recommended or required books and your classroom reading challenges.
  • They can also donate books to your classroom or library from your Group Wish list.

To connect parents:

  1. Go to >, then scroll down to and select
  2. You will be taken to a page that explains the benefits of connecting parents. Your two options will be to a) print invites to send home with your students, or b) send invites via email.

If you select, you will see the following message:

If you select, the same information that is in the printed invites will automatically be sent via email to the parents.

Inside the print and/or email invites, parents will be given instructions on how to log in to or create a parent account. They will also be given a unique code that corresponds to their child’s student account. This will allow them to connect their child to their parent account and begin monitoring their activity.

screenshot 2019-09-10 16.10.48.png

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