How-To’s (Educators)

How to Log in to Biblionasium

Logging into Biblionasium is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to log in and get started!

Select “Login with Biblionasium“, then select your account type, educator, parent, or student.

Students signed up by their school must select their School when first logging in.

Country, State, and School will be saved via cookies for future sessions.

Schools may also turn on permission in their browser or password manager to save student’s usernames and passwords, if desired.

Please note that students signed up by their parent (and not connected to their school) should skip entering state and school information, and only need to enter their username and password.
Parents and teachers log in with their email address and password.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 

For Educators: How to Set Up Groups in Biblionasium


Note: at the time of making this video, 6 columns were required to bulk upload students, including a reading level field. This field no longer exists. To bulk upload students, please include the following 5 columns: Last Name or Initial, First Name, Username, Password, and Parent Email.


For Educators: Changing Group Name and Codes

To access your groups, at the top or side of the page, click

Then, select the group you wish to edit.

You will notice two fields in each group. One is the group name and the other is the group’s unique code.

The group name is editable, but the code is automatically generated by our system and cannot be changed.