Lily to the Rescue by W Bruce Cameron Review Contest

“Lily to the Rescue” Review Contest Winner


Do you remember reading unputdownable book series as a kid? Wouldn’t it be thrilling to meet the author of those books?

When a kid gets hooked on a book series, that feeling can make them excited to read more and more books. Introducing the first book in a series is a great way to get kids reading for fun and reading consistently

We are delighted to present the book review that won a classroom Q & A with beloved author W. Bruce Cameron. Check out excerpts from the winning review and other great reviews from Biblionasium‘s Lily to the Rescue Book Review Contest below!


An adorable read about rescue animals! ✔

The start to a whole series featuring beloved pup Lily. ✔

Lily’s meaningful purpose is to rescue other animals in trouble. ✔

A cute story about the unexpected friendships between different animals. ✔

Best for ages 7-10.


▶ “Once I started reading this book, I fell in love. I loved how Casey and Lily were best friends even though they were completely different animals, and the fact that Casey was so loyal was amazing too! This book is inspirational, it teaches that you can become friends with anyone, just like Lily and Casey.” —Cecilia D.

OTHER GREAT Kid Reviews:


▶ “I think you should read this book because A: it might help you understand that you should save animals and B: it teaches you that you can do anything.” —Julianna K.

▶ “This was an outstanding book. The characters in the book really surprised me because they didn’t know each other, but no matter what their differences, they came together to help and assist animals in need. I would very much like to visit the place and see what it has to offer. This book would be good for a reader who is interested in stories that have friendship and animals.” —Abel A.

▶ “I love heartwarming books! When I think of heartwarming, I think of this book. Lily is a rescue dog who rescues other animals. I hope one day I have a dog like Lily! Lily is a role model to me, and I recommend it to everyone!” —Rupsha S.


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