Teacher Appreciation Week Book Giveaway!

Teacher Appreciation Week Book Giveaway!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Show a little extra appreciation this year by entering the Teacher Appreciation Book Giveaway!

Biblionasium will select 10 nominated teachers to receive a free gift book! Titles include teacher favorites, stories starring amazing educators, books that teach lessons or skills, and more! There’s no better gift for a teacher than a book! 
Keep reading to see the books up for grabs and enter to win here!

An informative guide to writing and grammar that uses pop cultural examples to highlight common mistakes and how to avoid them. ✔

A book that makes English teachers rejoice! ✔

Invaluable for building confidence in writing skills. ✔

Addresses punctuation, numbers, nouns, common mistakes, and hard-to-remember rules. ✔

Best for ages 10+. 


A modern classic that amazes adults as much as it charms children. ✔

Full of wit, humor, and startling invention. ✔

An ingenious fantasy centered on Milo, a bored ten-year-old who embarks on a brilliant journey towards interest. ✔

Clever and bright, this unforgettable story is full of striking characters, funny puns, and a good dose of wisdom. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.   


Highlights the contributions of 50 women to STEM fields from the ancient to the modern world. ✔

Absolutely inspirational for the next generation of female  mathematicians, astronauts, physicists, and more! ✔

Featuring striking art, fun infographics, and an illustrated glossary. ✔

Best for ages 10+.   


A collection of speculative fiction with an exceptionally diverse cast of authors and characters. ✔

Ideal for strong readers seeking worlds where we can all belong. ✔

Featuring 15 award-winning and own-voices children’s authors. ✔

Powerful and inclusive, this anthology holds a universe of wishes for braver and more beautiful possibilities. ✔

Best for ages 12+.   


Vulnerable and powerful, mythical and personal, this #OwnVoices folktale will captivate readers. ✔

Will encourage deep reflection on the stories we choose to tell. ✔

Starring a protagonist who sparkles with magic, history, and hope. ✔

Winner of the Newbery Medal, the Horn Book Honor Award for Fiction & Poetry, and Asian/Pacific American Award for Children’s Literature. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.   


A playful and heartwarming celebration of teachers and students perfect for back-to-school, graduation, or Teacher Appreciation Week! ✔

Filled with charming role-reversal humor, this fun book will leave kid and adult readers giggling. ✔

A surprisingly thoughtful read for parents and teachers to share and discuss with children. ✔

Best for ages 4-8.   


Readers can’t help but root for Auggie, who proves that you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out. ✔

A refreshing narrative full of heart and hope from the courage of friendship. ✔

Inspired the Choose Kind movement, a major motion picture, and the graphic novel White Bird. ✔

“Best of Children’s Books” by School Library JournalKirkus ReviewsPublishers Weekly and Booklist. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.   


The riveting story of seven students whose lives are changed by one amazing teacher. ✔

With seven very distinct kids, every reader will find a character to relate to. ✔

The powerful and emotional tale is likely to spur class discussion about tolerance, self-advocacy, and responsibility. ✔

Nominated for 17 state book awards. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.   


A wildly inspirational guide for young aspiring writers. ✔

Packed with practical advice on writing, creating memorable characters, and plotting a story that’s exciting to read. ✔

Shows how writing can help us figure out what we truly think and feel. ✔

Demonstrates how digging deep into fictional characters can give us insight about the real people in our lives as well. ✔

Best for ages 11+.


Funny and touching, celebrating the difference a teacher can make. ✔

A thank-you to a special teacher from the student who never forgot her. ✔

An excellent classroom read or gift. ✔

Best for ages 4-8.   

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  1. Lorena Robertson

    I was chosen to receive a new book – but the letter from you went to my junk mail and I just saw it – if it’s not too late, I’d love to choose the book “When You Trap a Tiger.”

    1. Hello Lorena,

      Thank you for your comment. We are delighted that you were selected and that you found the email!

      Please email your mailing address to Sarah@Biblionasium.com and we will be happy to send the prize.

      We look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Warm regards,
      The Team at Biblionasium.com

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