For Educators: How to Run a Challenges Report

Challenge reports allow you to gain valuable insights on your challenge results, including student participation and statistics.

Step 1: Go to on the side panel.

Step 2: Select Challenges Report from the pop-up window.

Step 3: Select the group(s) you wish to run a report for.

Step 4: Select the student(s) you want included in the report.

Step 5: Select a date range.

Step 6: Choose the challenge(s) you’d like to run a report for.

Step 7: Choose whether to view results by student or by challenge.

A) Results by student will show you the percentage of the challenge completed by each student. Use the links on the top right to view which students have completed 100% of the challenge and which ones haven’t started it. You can sort results by the highlighted columns in blue.

B) Results by challenge will display each individual challenge and student progress beneath it. You can toggle between the two options using the link under “you might also want to see results by.”

Step 8: Click to send the report to your email address. It will arrive as a .xlsx file.

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