For Students: How to Log Your Reading

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  1. Click on Search for Books from the Bookshelf or use the Search Bar on top of the page. Type in a title, author or keyword and search for the book you want to add.

Screenshot 2018-04-11 11.17.26


2. Add the book to your bookshelf.

Add Books 3


3. You can log the book from the Log it tab under the book information, or you can go to Reading Log on the side pane.

Logging Options


4. If you selected Reading Log from the left pane, you will need to select the Add to my reading log button at the top.

Add to Reading Log


5. Click on the date to choose a different day from the calendar.

Reading Log Calendar


6. Choose the book you read from the drop-down. You can also log other reading material, such as a magazine or newspaper article or a comic book.

Reading Log Select


7. Type in the number of pages and minutes you read and any comments you have about the book.

Reading Log Type


8. Check the box if you finished the book. If you have a challenge to apply the book toward, it will appear in a drop-down menu under the check box. Check to make sure all the information is correct, then press Save and you’re done!

Reading Log Finish and Save

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