Reading Log

Reading Log FAQs

Q: Why can’t I log my child’s reading?

A: Student reading can only be logged from the Student Account. This is because we want students to feel engaged by recording their own reading and earning the rewards when they pop up. If your child is too young to log their own reading, simply log in with their credentials and enter their pages and minutes for them. Keep them nearby when you do it so they can see their badges as they earn them.

Q: Why are my child’s reading logs not counting toward their challenge(s)?

A: A number of factors could be influencing this. Please note the date the challenge was created. If you did not create the challenge, ask your child or their teacher when they created it. Reading logs will only count toward challenges within the date of creation and the date the challenge ends.

If the dates are correct and the logs still aren’t counting, check the challenge to make sure there is no genre requirement that is not being met. Otherwise, please email us and we will check into it for you.

For Students: How to Make Your Reading Count for a Challenge

NOTE: This video states that “If you have more than one pages or minutes challenge, your logs will count toward them all at once.”  This is no longer correct. If you have more than one pages or minutes challenge, your logs will now count toward them in the order they were created.