For Educators: How to Run a Book Reviews Report

Book review reports allow you to view how many book reviews have been posted by your students and which students post them the most.

Step 1: Go to on the side panel.

Step 2: Select Book Reviews Report from the pop-up window.

Step 3: Select the group(s) you wish to run a report for.

Step 4: Select the student(s) you want included in the report.

Step 5: Select a date range.

Step 6: Choose to view results by either book titles or student names.

A) Results by book titles will show as images of the books your students have reviewed.

B) Results by student names will show as a list with columns for a more data-driven report. You can toggle between the two options using the link under “you might also want to see results by.”

Step 7: Click to send the report to your email address. It will arrive as a .xlsx file.

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