For Educators: How to Run a Favorite List Report

Favorite list reports allow you to quickly assess which titles are on your students’ “favorite” bookshelves.

Step 1: Go to on the side panel.

Step 2: Select Favorite List Report from the pop-up window.

Step 3: Select the group(s) you wish to run a report for.

Step 4: Select the student(s) you want included in the report.

Step 5: Select a date range.

Step 6: Choose to view results by either book titles or student names.

A) Results by book titles will show as images of the books your students have added as a “favorite.”

B) Results by student names will show as a list with columns for a more data-driven report. You can toggle between the two options using the link under “you might also want to see results by.”

Step 7: Click to send the report to your email address. It will arrive as a .xlsx file.

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