Funny Books to Help Fight Boredom

Funny Books to Help Fight Boredom.png

“I’m booooored!”

Does that sound familiar? Are you looking for enriching ways to keep your kids entertained?  We have just the solution for you.

These funny books are critic and kid-approved and will keep your child smiling through the “boring” moments in life.

Relatable for kids of all ages who have ever been “bored.” ✔

Written by comedian Michael Ian Black. ✔

Uses tongue-in-cheek humor to get kids thinking and laughing at the same time. ✔

Includes an unimpressed potato which will have you chuckling right along with your

child. ✔

Cute and funny illustrations to draw in young readers. ✔

Includes references to popular tales such as Hansel and Gretel. ✔

A Caldecott Honor Book. ✔

Papa Chicken’s plight will seem familiar if you’ve ever been interrupted during

storytime. ✔

Junie B. Jones And Her Big Fat Mouth

Hailed as the funniest of the beloved Junie B. Jones books. ✔

Enjoyable for adults and kids. ✔

Part of a widely acclaimed series that will keep your kids laughing and reading for a long

time. ✔

Great for reading aloud. ✔

A hilarious cover and title that will draw kids right in. ✔

Great for reluctant readers. ✔

Short stories for kids who only want to read a little at a time. ✔

Part of a seriously silly, seriously funny series. ✔

A brand new release from the author of the beloved Diary of a Wimpy Kid  series. ✔

Draws in kids with all levels of interest in reading. ✔

Rounds out the perspective of the series with the thoughts of a supporting character. ✔

Relatable for the kid who wants their chance in the spotlight. ✔

Presents a unique cultural perspective. ✔

Relatable for readers from all different backgrounds. ✔

Well written with a voice that will have your reader wanting to devour it again and

again. ✔

Kids will learn lessons about accepting others while laughing their socks off. ✔

Presents the humorous side of commonplace life events, such as being held late after

class. ✔

Set in 1967-68 with references to real historical events. ✔

A Newbery Honor award-winning novel. ✔

The perfect balance of funny and serious. ✔

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