Reading Fun Facts


Even the most reluctant readers stop to smile when they hear something interesting! 

We hope to turn those smiles into a genuine motivation to pick up a book.

So, here are five fun facts about reading to tell your students


1. Bookworms are real.

The word “bookworm” comes from tiny worms that used to live in the spines of books. It was invented in the 1500’s when libraries did not have air conditioning, so bookshelves would get musty.

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2. Reading about yawning makes you yawn!

The same way that seeing someone else yawn might make you yawn, reading about it can too.

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3. Reading can make you sound like a genius.

The more you read, the more you learn new words and their proper usage. Studies show that reading is correlated to having an extensive vocabulary. By expanding your vocabulary, you are more likely to sound like a genius when you talk!


4. Reading is a type of exercise.

Reading every day makes your mind sharp and preserves your memory. If exercising your muscles makes your body stronger and faster, what will happen if you spend as much time reading?

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5. Books used to be chained to bookshelves.

The chains were long enough so the reader could take a book off the shelf and read it inside the library. This was because books were so valuable the librarians really wanted to make sure no one took the books home with them.

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