How to Bribe Your Kids to Read

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We don’t really mean you should bribe your kids to read! 

However, we do think reading is one of the best activities for kids to engage in outside of school. Some kids naturally gobble up books, but some need more encouragement to read than others.

So here are five tips to get your kids to read


1. Double dinner!

Set a certain number of pages as a goal. If your child hits the mark, serve their favorite dinner two nights in a row!


2. Get a recommendation!

Log onto Biblionasium and see what your kid’s peers recommend! Kids are more likely to read what their friends recommend.

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3. Set a good example!

Reading even 20 minutes a day can make a big difference. Take a little time to read your own book while your kids read theirs.

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4. Too much of a good thing can be great!

If you child likes a particular series, get her more books from that series or another series like it!

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5. Your turn!

Take turns reading aloud from a book. Chapter by chapter, or sentence by sentence. Whatever works for you!


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