For Parents: Getting Started with Biblionasium

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Once you’ve confirmed your account and logged in with your username and password, follow these steps to get started.


Step 1: Add Books to Your Own Personal Bookshelf

  • Click on Search for Books from your bookshelf or use the Search Bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in a title, author or keyword to find your favorite books.


Step 2: Tag Books to Organize Your Shelves

  • When you add a book, you’ll be prompted to select a tag: “I have read it, “It’s a favorite,” or “We own this book.”
  • Tags assign books to corresponding shelves in your bookshelf.

Screenshot 2019-01-01 15.41.14.png


Step 3: Check Out Your Child’s Reading Activity

  • Go to on the side panel to view your child’s profile.
  • You can monitor their bookshelf, logs, reviews and more from this screen. Please note: You cannot log books for your child from the parent profile. Books must be logged on your child’s account.


Step 4: Send Book Recommendations

  • After selecting a title, click on
  • Send a recommendation to one or more of your children and let them know how much you think they’ll enjoy the book.


Step 5: Set Up a Reading Challenge

  • Our feature allows you to incentivize your child’s reading.
  • You can create a challenge based on genre, number of minutes, number of pages, your choice of books, or books you choose from a larger list.


Step 6: Visit Your Child’s Wish List to Get Ideas

  • When your child tags a book as “want to read,” the book will appear on their Wish List.
  • You can check out the book’s info, add it to your own bookshelf and/or wish list and even buy the book directly.


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