Summer Reading 2020 Contest Winners


Summer is over, but the joy of reading continues year-round. We know kids want to read what their peers are reading, so check out what actual kids have to say about their favorite books.

Five random winners and five top contributors to our Summer Review Contest have been selected and notified via email. Read excerpts from some of the winning reviews below. 

Stay tuned for the winners of our Last Kids on Earth Review Contest, coming soon!


Story of a 10-year-old with a facial deformity navigating 5th grade. ✔

Upbeat, humorous, and touching. ✔

Shows how a community comes together to accept an individual. ✔

Example of positive and encouraging parents when not all kids are nice. ✔

Told through six different points of view and teaches compassion. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.   


Kids' Reviews:


▶ “This book is amazing! Auggie’s story is so motivating. His challenges with his looks make the book so much more emotional, plus the bullying he has to face when he attends school. His story and other stories are so inspiring.” —Maddie N.

▶ “Wonder is a very sentimental, mind-blowing book narrated by a young boy who just started school and had facial deformities. It really awakens you to the treatment of disabled and even different people.” —Avinash E.


Written with artful descriptions of the natural world. ✔

An unusual perspective on the lives of humans and animals. ✔

Great read-aloud for middle grade or young readers. ✔
Poignant story of a Muslim-American family. ✔
Emphasizes the beauty in diversity, both in nature and in humans. ✔
Best for ages 8-12.

Kids' Reviews:


▶ “Wishes, animals, and strings. This book Wishtree was such a detailed book, and so interesting. It would be cool to visit a Wishtree and tie a wish on the tree.” —Avni S.


An easygoing gorilla Ivan befriends a newcomer to life in captivity, Stella the baby elephant. ✔

Beautifully written and told from the perspective of Ivan. ✔

A Newbery Medal winner. ✔

Explores ideas of friendship, art, and hope interwoven with entertaining humor. ✔

Heartfelt and touching. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.


Kids' Reviews:

▶ “This book is very sweet and can be read by readers of all ages, boys and girls, and for those who enjoy emotional stories. It is both warm and exciting, you always want to know what happens next! If you like books based on true stories, friendship, and being brave you would love this book!” —Mia M. 


A “laugh-a-page” tale of sibling rivalry on the Internet. ✔

Told through illustrations and unusual techniques such as screenshots. ✔

Teaches important lessons about internet safety. ✔

Engaging for kids who may not usually enjoy reading. ✔

Part of a New York Times bestselling series. ✔

Best for ages 8-12.


Kids' Reviews:


▶ “This was much better than I thought it would be. Normally, I don’t read realistic fiction or books with a lot of pictures, but The Tapper Twins Go Viral was interesting and teaches kids about internet safety. I recommend this book to readers who like fun, witty, and relatable characters, along with many cool pictures!” —Kichappa


Hysterical and entertaining story of a policeman with the head of a dog. ✔

From the creator of the Captain Underpants series. ✔

Perfect for graphic novel lovers looking for something engaging. ✔

Full of clever ideas and laugh-out-loud moments. ✔

Narrated by one of the kids in the story, making it easy to connect with. ✔

Best for ages 7-11.   


Kids' Reviews:


▶ “This book is soooo funny! It’s about Dog Man: half-dog, half-human, all hero. This book has a series to go after it, so go to your library, pick out Dog Man, and get reading!” —Eden


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