“The Last Kids on Earth” Review Contest Winners


Book reviews serve so many purposes: letting us know kids’ thoughts about what they read, helping students to reflect on the material, letting classmates know if they would like the book, and… entering The Last Kids on Earth Book Review Contest! 

We are so proud to announce the three winners, Max M., Jace H., and Taylor K., along with their reviews. Congratulations! 

5 stars

Grand Prize Winner Max M.'s review:


“This book is one of my favorite books that I ever read! It pairs action with funniness. It also has amazing illustrations so that I can see the action firsthand! If a zombie apocalypse ever happens, I will be ready because this book tells it all. I also like how instead of starring bloody, scarred grown-ups with big weapons and lots of scary parts, it stars four 6th graders who always wanted an adventure. I knew that this was an awesome book just by looking at the cover! I love this book and whoever reads it will love it!”

5 stars

Taylor K.'S review:


“Jack thinks that being one of the last kids on Earth is great, playing real-life Mario Cart, and fighting zombies! All is great until a sudden evil comes along that Jack calls Nightmare King. I love this story! It is very action-packed, and very funny too! The most interesting part to me is when they figure out they might not be the last. No spoilers! I think that the general mood of the book is funny. It has lots of funny parts that really lighten your mood. The character I can relate to Jack, because he was afraid of losing his friends, and that’s like how I am, I like my friends a lot, but when they are in a different class it is hard to hang out with them! This did not remind me of any other book because it was so unique! I think someone who likes action and mystery would like this book. I think the author chose the title very well. It goes perfectly with the situation. And I love the cover! Epic!!!”

5 stars

Jace H.'s review:


“The Last Kids on Earth is one of the most legendary books I have ever read. It’s about Jack Sullivan, an average thirteen-year-old who is living in his treehouse during the Monster Apocalypse. He recruits three kids: Quint Baker, June Del Toro, and Dirk Savage. Together they fight off zombies, Winged Wretches, Dozers, and Vine-Thingies. This book is awesome, cool, and epic in many ways. If you love any action/adventure books, you will LOVE The Last Kids On Earth.”

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