A New School-Wide Platform!

Introducing Our New School-Wide Platform!​

Want to create a powerful reading community and strengthen your school-home connection? Use Biblionasium’s school-wide platform

We’re excited to announce that over the summer we’ve been working on a school subscription version of Biblionasium thanks to feedback from users like you!

We’ve found that students’ excitement about reading is amplified when they’re connected with friends, and when they share their reading goals and accomplishments. Generate a book buzz by providing your whole school with a social reading platform that’s safe and customizable.  

As the “GoodReads for Kids,” our mission is to support young readers by getting them excited about books. One of our favorite things when hearing from students and educators is the sense of pride students have in their Biblionasium bookshelves. Since their accounts move with them from class to class and year to year, students can see their growth and marvel at their own reading prowess

Plus, you can engage students in reading challenges across classes and grades, create in-class and afterschool book clubs, and share book reviews and recommendations in the classroom and beyond. 
You can also connect parents for extra support. Research shows that parental encouragement at home can make a considerable difference in students’ reading success.

The possibilities are endless but we’ll stop there for now! 😎

Check out our case study with K-12 district teacher librarian Shannon McClintock Miller to see how she cultivates an enthusiastic reading community in her district.

Benefits of a school-wide version:
  • Unlimited student and educator accounts
  • Ability to create unlimited groups and use multiple groups within and across different grades 
  • Expand reading challenges across grade levels or to the entire school
  • Ability for your students’ accounts, their reading challenges, bookshelves, book reviews, book recommendations, and awards to move with them from class to class and year to year
  • Students will be able to track their reading journey over the years
  • Ability to include multiple educators to collaborate and oversee each group 
  • Include your school librarian to help bridge the connection between classroom to library
  • Progress data and detailed reporting across grades and for entire school 
  • Invite and connect parents for better student reading outcomes 
  • Most importantly – a school subscription can be supported by school or district funds, versus a teacher/librarian’s personal discretionary budget