User Management: Schoolwide Setup 101

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains setup instructions for Subscribers of the School-Version of Biblionasium.

The free version of Biblionasium is only available at the classroom level with a limit of one group managed by one educator and up to 30 students.

For an official quote and information about purchasing a subscription, please email us at

For instructions to set up your free group of 30 students or less or for subscribers who would like to set up one group at a time, please see How to Set Up a Group in Biblionasium.

Before you begin:

If one user will be setting up multiple schools in a district, or if you are part of multiple schools that use Biblionasium, be sure you have selected the correct school from the dropdown menu in the top left corner.   

Setup Options:

There are a few options when determining how to import users. 

Educators, students, and group assignments may be uploaded via spreadsheet in the User Management tab.

Alternatively,  educators may request to join the school by going to > Join Us. Once they have requested to join the school, the Biblionasium Admin may approve them in the Approvals tab.

Students with existing accounts, including students signed up by a parent, may join their group by entering the group code in their Settings. Please see How to Connect or Move to a Group for detailed instructions.

Schools moving to the standalone version of Biblionasium from the Destiny-integrated version may choose to transfer their last-synced users and their Biblionasium data to their new school subscription.

Please note that some setup will still be required as group assignments may need updating and passwords will need to be reassigned. For more information email

Uploading Users:

The User Management feature allows you to upload students and/or teachers and their group assignments

Each spreadsheet adds users to their specified groups and creates groups when a group with the entered group name does not yet exist

You may select All Users Bulk Upload to upload educators and students, Bulk Upload Educators, or Bulk Upload Students.

Once you select one of these options, you may download the sample spreadsheet and follow the instructions on the spreadsheet.

When you are finished, save the spreadsheet and upload the file.

Uploading Educators:

Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet to enter the requested information on the Educator tab. All columns are required fields. 

You may add educators to one or multiple groups via spreadsheet. Add an educator to multiple groups by entering group names separated by commas (example: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, etc.).

Educators will be added to the existing groups if they were previously created, and new groups will be created for any group names that do not yet exist.

Note: The Biblionasium Admin is automatically added to each group.

Uploading Students and Groups:

Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet to enter student information.

Duplicate the Group Name tab for each group of students you would like to upload.

Rename each group tab with the correct group name (example: 7th Grade) and be sure the tab name matches column G of the student upload sheet, as seen in the screenshot above.

Important Requirements:

Parent email address and student password are NOT required fields, but they MUST be left on the sheet, even if blank, to upload the file. Signing up Parents is optional, and if student passwords are left blank we will automatically assign a random password.

Please note that each student may only belong to one group at a time, because security settings are determined at the group level.

We typically recommend a maximum of 50 students per group for convenience, but you may upload up to 300 students per group.

When you are finished, be sure to check out our Getting Started  Checklists and Resources and Digital Citizenship Curriculum to start using Biblionasium!

Please email us with any questions at