Groups (Educators, Non-Destiny)

For Educators: How to Set Up Groups in Biblionasium


Note: at the time of making this video, 6 columns were required to bulk upload students, including a reading level field. This field no longer exists. To bulk upload students, please include the following 5 columns: Last Name or Initial, First Name, Username, Password, and Parent Email.


For Educators: Changing Group Name and Codes

To access your groups, at the top or side of the page, click

Then, select the group you wish to edit.

You will notice two fields in each group. One is the group name and the other is the group’s unique code.

The group name is editable, but the code is automatically generated by our system and cannot be changed.

For Educators: How to Move Students Between Groups

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for non-Destiny integrated schools. 
Destiny integrated schools should refer to this article ONLY if they are already managing groups through Biblionasium. See For Destiny Administrators: How to Manage Your Groups Through Biblionasium for more information.

For Educators: How to Add a Teacher to a Group


If you are an educator or librarian who would like to add additional teachers to groups in Biblionasium, please follow these instructions.

Please note: These instructions are for users of the free version of Biblionasium. If you are a Destiny administrator, please follow our instructions for Destiny administrators.