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We do not have books on the website for kids to read.  On Biblionasium, children can rate, review, and recommend books to their community. They can also log their reading and participate in reading challenges. However, due to copyright, students will need to obtain the books from other sources.  

Beyond school and public libraries, we recommend that you review the following sources to consider recommending to your students for reading books online:

Project Gutenberg – A library of over 60,000 free e-books in the public domain

Overdrive a resource where you can download e-books and audiobooks for free if you have a library card 

Unite for Literacyfree digital picture books for kids


First, check your spam or junk folder to make sure the email isn’t there. If you do not see the confirmation email in your spam folder, please email us and we will manually confirm your account and issue a temporary password.


First, please check our initial sync and setup article and Destiny sync checklist to make sure your accounts and homerooms are configured correctly in Destiny.

We recommend contacting Follett Destiny technical support for assistance with the following issues:

  • Initial sync & setup questions
  • Logging in through Destiny
  • Help running a sync
  • Patron/access levels

You can also call one of Destiny’s dedicated support lines:

USA: 888.511.5114 + Option 2

International: 708.884.5100 + Option 2

Destiny will reach out to us if your problem is Biblionasium specific.


Destiny educators should manage groups through Destiny if:

  • Groups, homerooms, and teachers need to reflect exactly what is set up in the Destiny back end
  • Edits, adding, and removing data are done through Destiny and not Biblionasium

Destiny educators should manage groups through Biblionasium if you need to:

  • Add new group(s) that are not needed in Destiny (book clubs, special classes, etc.)
  • Add additional educators to any group
  • Move students between groups with ease (without needing to re-sync data)
  • Allow students to join a group using a unique group code
Please see our article For Destiny Administrators: How to Manage Your Groups Through Biblionasium for more information on managing your groups through Biblionasium.

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If you are a Destiny Administrator, please start with our Initial Sync & Setup article.


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